New products from RTI, Autonomic, iRoom, Wyrestorm, Luxul, Origin Acoustics
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Our manufacturers released lots of interesting new products at recent CEDIA San Diego.
Most of them will be available shortly.



P.S.: New Price List, effective 15 September is available for download






New RTiPanel Licenses work with all types of devices

From now all licenses support both, Android and iOS devices no matter if it’s a tablet or smartphone. Also, the 5-user license is replaced by an unlimited version. ipadIn addition, the one-user or single license is no longer tied to a single device and can be used on multiple devices. Please keep in mind that the RTiPanel app needs to be closed on the active device before it can be opened with another device. Of course, this doesn’t matter with the unlimited license. Check out our new pricelist for the new simplified license structure. Old licenses that are installed in existing installations can still be used.


Prices: see new VIVATEQ pricelist
Available: now

New powerful control processors XP-6s and XP-8v

The two successors of XP-6 und XP-8s come with a powerful and faster processor chip and more memory that makes control applications faster and smoother. Both control processors can be installed in a 19“ rack. XP-8v provides an HDMI output, which delivers the control GUI as On-Screen-Display to any connected TV and allows for an alternative or additional control device.

Price: not announced yet
Available: expected December 2017


White Edition T3x Touch Remote

T3x will be available soon in white and adds to the comprehensive selection of RTI mobile control devices.

Price: 1.200,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
Available: expected November 2017


Z-Wave Interface

RTI’s new Z-Wave Interface provides 2-way wireless control and monitoring of up to Z-Wave compatible devices such as power switches and outlets, light switches, thermostats, blinds, sensors, contacts. This comes into play if you want to extend an existing control system or in cases where control wiring is too expensive or too time-consuming.

Price: 268,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
Available: now


Pro Control Control Processor and Touch Remote compatible with RTI

Touch Remote Pro24-z and Control Processor ProLink.z will be compatible with RTI systems and can be used in combination with any RTI product. Both products can be programmed and configured via RTI’s APEX software.

ProLink.z: 600,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
Pro24.z: 500,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
Available: expected December 2017


rti   All new products presented
   by Brett Stokke, RTI






eSerie for IP Multi-Room Audio Distribution now complete

Media Servers MMS-2A and MMs-5A will soon be replaced by new eSeries models MMS-3e and MMS-5e. This completes Autonomic’s transition into more flexible audio distribution via standard IP networks. Both models provide Hi-res audio and support all popular music streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, TuneIn. Also, both models provide local audio inputs, e.g. for CD players, as well as a hard disk drive for local music storage. eSeries systems can be expanded to up to 32 simultaneous streams into 96 zones. All eSeries products allow for central rack installation or autonomicdecentral placement in any room.

MMS-3e: ca. 2.250,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
MMS-5e: ca. 4.400,00 € (List price excl. VAT))
Available: expected December 2017




surDock iDock Surface-Mount Docking Station for iPad Air, Pro 9,7“ / 10,5“ and mini

iRoom‘s surDock is the perfect addition to home or boardroom control systems. The iPad is always at hand at a designated location to use it as a control device or to stream music wirelessly to the audio system in your home. surDock’s installation is quite easy. You only need a power line and a standard EU switchbox which surDock is fixed to as simple as a light switch or power outlet.

Price: starting at 358,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
Available: now


iTop Plus Tabletop iPad Docking Station with Control Processor and iPad Anti-Theft Protection

iTop Plus provides charging functionality for the iPad, controls any IP addressable device through the built-in control processor and protects the iPad from theft through the stainless-steel metal bar that holds the iPad in place and can be unlocked by entering
a passcode. iTop Plus is powered through a Cat cable by
the included PoE power supply.

Price: ab 1.229,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
Available: now


iroom   All new products
   presented by Marc Hofer, iRoom






Modular UHD 4K HDR HDBaseT-Matrix

The modular HDBaseT matrix MX-0606-HDBT-H2C or MX-0808-HDBT-H2C distribute and transmit video up to 4K UHD @60Hz with HDR 10-bit over distances up to 70 m via Cat-Kabel and even up to 300 m via fiber. Various slot cards allow for tailoring the matrix to the exact requirements of the project. Both models provide 5Play, HDCP 2.2, ARC and PoH. For control integration drivers for RTI, Crestron, AMX, Control4 and Elan are available.

Chassis/Card Frame: starting at 1.750,00 €
(List price excl. VAT)
Slot Cards: starting at 350,00 €
(List price excl. VAT)
Available: now


4K Video Distribution via IP Networks

The already available NetworkHD 400 Series transmits JPG2000 compressed video via 1 Gigabit IP network. The soon available NetworkHD 600 Series delivers uncompressed 4K video via 10 Gigabit IP networks. Both series are scalable and capable to deliver video to hundreds of displays. For convenient rack installation a 19“ chassis is available that houses up to 10 NetworkHD modules.

NHD-400-TX (Sender): 750,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
NHD-400-RX (Empfänger): 750,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
NHD-600 Serie: not announced yet
NHD-000-RACK2 (19“ chassis for 10 NHD modules):
299,00 € (List price excl. VAT)

NHD-400: now
NHD-600: expected November 2017


wyrestorm   All new products
   presented by James Meredith, Wyrestorm 






New Broadband Routers Support High-Speed ISP Connections for Video Streaming

EPIC 4 and 5 products, also known as XBR-4500, ABR-4500 and ABR-5000 are Internet routers that support high-speed ISP connections to up to 900 Mbit/s and allow for ultra-fast streaming and bandwidth-intensive applications such as hassle-free multiple video streaming. All EPIC models are capable to manage 2 or more ISP connections and balance out the data load to provide smooth video streaming. ABR-4500 & ABR-5000 belong in the AV series with rear LAN ports for clean cable management in the AV rack.

XBR-4500: 320,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
ABR-4500: 320,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
ABR-5000: 535,00 € (List price excl. VAT)
Available: expected October 2017


WiFi Roaming for large area coverage without connection loss

Luxul‘s is one of the technology leaders in wireless roaming and allows to cover large areas with WiFi signals. Wireless roaming manages and automatically connects mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets to the closest access point without losing connection. XWS-1810 comes as a Wireless Roaming Kit with the XWC-1000  Roaming Controller and two additional access points that are installed in remote areas. XWR-1810 supports WiFi speed up to 1200 Mbit/s. XWR-3150 is a roaming controller with built-in access point  for speeds up to 3100 Mbit/s. Like AC1200 it can be expanded with two access point to cover larger areas.

Prices and Availability:
XWS-1810 (AC1200 + 2xXAP810): 810,00 €
(List price excl. VAT), available in October 2017
XAP-810 (AC1200 Access Point): 235,00 €
(List price excl. VAT), available in October 2017
XWR-3150: Price not announced yet,
available in November 2017

Domotz Network Monitoring built-in with Luxul Products

Domotz is a network monitoring technology, that allows for monitoring all AV devices that are connected to the customer’s network. Domotz alerts the installer email or text message in case of malfunction or outage of any device. Installers can take action, often times before the customer even notices any malfunction. Some AV devices can even be rebooted or updated with new firmware through Domotz remote connection. Starting in November Luxul products will receive Domotz technology via firmware update.

Prices for Domotz licenses: not announced yet
Available: expected November 2017


luxul   All new products
   presented by Kevin Hansen, Luxul




 Origin Acoustics


Valet Muli-Room Audio Amplifier for Amazon Echo with Voice Control

Origin Acoustics’ new Valet System utilizes the popular
Amazon Echo Dot in order to amplify and distribute the
audio stream coming from up to four Echo Dots into four

Valet amplifier provides 4 RJ-45 PoE ports that connect
to the Echo Dot. A converter module powers the Dot via Cat cable and delivers the Echo Dot audio stream to the Valet amplifier. Valet amplifies and distributes the audio signal to high-end speakers in designated rooms. Amazon’s new Echo multi-room feature
allows to play music in any room where a dot is installed and,
also, allows to select and start music through voice control.

Price: not announced yet
Available: expected January 2017

More information on Valet:

origin   Dave Donald from Origin Acoustics
   explains the Valet system




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